Water Usage

Frequently Asked Questions

How much water does the average person use at home per day?

Many people are surprised to find out how much water the average person uses. Estimates vary, but each person uses about 80 - 100 gallons of water per day. The largest use of household water is to flush the toilet followed by taking a shower or bath.

Are they ways to reduce my water usage?

Absolutely! Even the smallest of changes can have the most impact. For Conservation Tips, please click here.

Why is my water bill higher than last month?

This may be caused by several reasons. Did you have any guests or change any habits that may require more water usage? The billing period may be longer than your previous bill's or you you may have a leak. If the increase is significant, we recommend you contact your community's maintenance staff to check your apartment home for a possible leak.

How will my water bill be affected by a leak?

If the leak has a significant bearing on the amount of the bill, an adjustment may be made on behalf of your account. (This is determined at the discretion of the community manager.) You can help us both by reporting leaks immediately. The community will respond to all service requests in a timely manner.