Frequently Asked Questions

How are individual meters read?

In most cases, Minol captures data from individual meters utilizing the AMR (Automatic Meter Reading) technology. This data flows from a computer chip within the meter and is transferred to a host system via modem. Daily meter readings are captured and retained by Minol as a record of resident consumption.

How do you calculate my bill if there is no individual meter in place at my apartment home?

Ratio Utility Billing (RUBS) is an allocation option when a community is unable to install meters due to the construction configuration. Consumption is calculated using a formula to determine each resident's utility expense. The formula is based on detailed information about your community, residents and general utility usage. This formula can be based on the number of occupants and/or square footage.

Why do I not have a submeter?

In older properties, often the plumbing configuration makes retrofitting with submeters cost prohibitive. Typically new construction is the best application for automated submetering systems.